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In Depth IRA Analysis

At Silverman Financial, we believe in a buy and hold strategy, low, low portfolio cost and minimal portfolio turnover.

We will analyze your existing IRA and make sure that you are well diversified in a manner that is consistent with your risk tolerance. Most people invest in whatever is hot at the given time, and this usually does not work. When was the last time you sat down with your certified financial planner to see if you were invested according to your existing risk tolerance? Most people invest money and forget about it. It must be monitored and your goals must be reviewed. For the most part, the risk isn’t being in the market, but NOT being in the market. The biggest culprit over time is inflation and you must be invested in order to outpace inflation so that you have the dollars down the road in order to buy the goods and services that you desire.

We will provide an in-depth analysis as to how well diversified you are within your IRA.  Specifically, we will look at what you are holding as far as large cap growth, large cap value, small cap growth, small cap value, etc., and to make sure that you are diversified in the right asset class commensurate with your risk tolerance.

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